Looking for Pet Insurance?

It wasn’t that long ago that pet insurance was considered a luxury for folks with unlimited budgets. Today pet insurance is a lot more affordable and available for everyone. We’ve been doing some research on various different plans and we have our favorite (more on that later) but we wanted to report back to you on our findings.

Fact 1: Pet insurance is not the same as human insurance.

Probably seems obvious that they would be different but it’s worth noting. Pet owners are not forced to choose a veterinarian from a list of covered providers. You can typically take your pet to any vet you choose and the insurance will reimburse you.

Fact 2: Pet insurance is not expensive.

Many think that pet insurance is more expensive than what we get for ourselves and that is totally not true. Pet insurances would range from $15 to $48 per month, depending on what kind of animal and breed you have and also depending on what kind of plan you are interested in. This is far from what we would spend for emergency situations like an unexpected illness or accident.

There are also pet insurance companies who are making insurance coverage more affordable by offering discounts if you have more than one pet in the family. There are additional discounts for two or three pets. Some offer payment plans as well.

Fact 3. Age Matters

Many think it’s better to wait until your pet is older before you get insurance for them. Our research proved that the age of the animal doesn’t really matter and it makes sense to get your pet on a plan as soon as possible.

Others would claim that older pets are NO longer qualified for a pet insurance. That depends on the insurance company. There are companies who would not entertain pets that have pre-existing conditions or who are relatively older. To get the correct information if a particular insurer would have any age requirements, it’s always better to just get a free quote and get all the facts for your situation.

Fact 4. Dogs and cats are not the only one who can have insurance.

Contrary to what most people think, dogs and cats are not the only animals that can be insured. Birds and exotic animals could also be insured. Exotic pet insurance could cover vet costs, pet theft, pet quarantine costs, accident, treatment and passport cost. The extent of the coverage would of course, depend on the plan that you’re getting

Fact 5. A pet fund is not as stable as a pet insurance.

Most of us think that allotting money for an emergency pet fund is just the same as paying pet insurance. The intention may be the same, it is both for the welfare of our animal companions, but the problem with the emergency fund is that we are not that obligated to save for it. There is no pressure, we could just put saving for the pet fund aside for the next payday.

Fact 6. A pet that is inside all the time is safer and insurance is not needed.

Not really. There are many contributing factors or reasons why our pets are getting sick. It could be that we forget about their immunizations, we are feeding them a diet that has too many chemicals in it which can eventually lead to cancer, diabetes and allergies.

Even if your pet just stays at home and you made sure that your home is pet-friendly, it does not mean your pets would be safe from any kinds of accidents and illnesses which still makes a pet insurance essential in watching over your pet’s welfare.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where one of your beloved pets is really sick and you simply do not have the funds to pay for their care, it doesn’t leave you with much choice. Our pets are our family and now that pet insurance is available and very affordable, it is so very much more comforting to know you are covered should something terrible befall your fur baby.

Our choice for pet insurance is Embrace Pet Insurance. You can get a 100% no obligation, free quote by clicking here. Check it out. It’s fast and free and you’ll be impressed with their rates.

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